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TFG’S Technology division provides leading edge Information and Communication Technology solutions to TFG, using a combination of fully integrated third-party solutions, in-house developed software and IT service subscriptions. We act as a strategic business partner to our Retail, Business and Financial Service divisions by enabling and supporting their business strategies. In order to Connect, Innovate and Transform, TFG Infotec has a strong focus on Innovation, regularly showcasing store and business technologies, and thereby ensuring that our customer’s shopping experience is always top of mind.

Debbie Cunningham

Head of CRM Systems

Twelve great years and counting! I joined TFG back in 2005 and can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.

I was recruited into TFG Infotec as a Mainframe Developer supporting the Financial Services business and I have had the privilege of growing my career over the past 12 years.  I have fulfilled numerous roles ranging from software development to relationship management and now leadership. 

TFG is well renowned for its supportive culture allowing an employee to balance their working career with their personal life.  They are an employer of conscience and care for individuals as you aren’t regarded as a mere number and each voice is heard.

TFG Infotec is the strategic IT division for TFG and supports the organisation by continuously driving innovation and delivering agile solutions to remain competitive in an ever changing market space.  The TFG passion is Customer Obsession, coupled with this, TFG Infotec truly values employees by constantly driving growth and development of their staff.  They fully appreciate that happy staff results in happy customers.

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TFG intros Uber-like delivery option

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